Adult Education lecture series home page

A Brooklyn-based monthly event series where various speakers present brief, multimedia lectures on a shared theme. Presented by Stay Free! and hosted by Charles Star, Adult Ed takes place on scattered Tuesday evenings at Union Hall in Park Slope.


about us


Adult Ed was started by Carrie McLaren, who in a previous life published Stay Free! magazine. Though the magazine is no longer of this world, Stay Free! persists as a minor media empire, publishing blogs and sponsoring Adult Ed.

Stand-up comedian / lawyer Charles Star is the host of Adult Education. If you add his income from law to his income from comedy, you get his income from law.

Adult Education is curated by Ms. McLaren, except when it's curated by Jim Hanas. Mr. Hanas is a freelance writer who lives and works in Brooklyn. He'll be running Adult Education programs from August 2008 until he gets sick of it or until Ms. McLaren needs a respite from her newborn. You can view Mr. Hanas' lecture on Metatourism (January 2008) on our video page.

Adult Education made its debut in January 2008. We hope to continue for a good long stretch. You can view our upcoming schedule here.